EP 217 . 29 Sep 21

Designers with agency

With Rahul Gonsalves

In the episode

  1. How do you hire designers at Obvious? What has been is your main source of scouting talent?
  2. What incentives you talk about to join you as oppose to a big MNC or a startup?
  3. Do you believe in referrals? How effective are those in today’s day and age?
  4. What are the 3 qualities you look for in a designer while hiring? What do you look in a portfolio?
  5. What kind of designer you prefer, a generalist versus specialist; in what kind of setup? How do you assign designers to different projects and how does that selection happen?
  6. What are your 3 biggest challenges while hiring designers? Why?
  7. Do you have internship programs? How do you find time to mentor young talent with tight deadlines and business pressure to deliver things? What is your success rate in finding dedicated and hardworking designers?
  8. Since Obvious is an independent setup, how consciously and religiously you follow gender parity and equal opportunity thing… while hiring and why?
  9. You have been quite active in the design community and help grow design talent in India. Any learnings and insights you can share. From quality of mentors to genuine outlook young designers have towards design?
  10. You have a nice handbook / guide for Design career ladder. Can you please talk about it a little? Was there a moment that solIdified your thinking on yeah, we need to institute something of this kind? What was the problem and how did it help? What are the Pros and cons of being from a design background

About Rahul Gonsalves

Rahul is “One of the faces of New India” as Forbes called him. Rahul is a co-founders of Obvious. A full stack design and tech studio who empower companies to build great products and solutions.


Abhinit Tiwari is a co-host for this series. He works at Gojek.


This is part of a series Where are the designers with IVM Podcast. It is a 12 part series featuring few of the top influential Design leaders in India, talking about their process of hiring, challenges in finding and retaining talent and some tips for young designers to make a cut after they apply.