EP 227 . 09 Dec 21

Lines between product & design

With Nishant Choudhary

In the episode

  1. How do you see product design and product management?
  2. What according to you are roles and responsibilities of product manager?
  3. Product management seems to be a new phenomena, any insights / learning for new upcoming PMs
  4. Typically we see designers falling in love with the solution rather than the problem itself. What is the role of a PMs in this.
  5. We see a lot of designers (like me) who over the years gain experience and talk the same language as product. How do we draw a line between product design and product management.
  6. Any best practices / frameworks to bring product centric thinking in the company culture? For eg: “Jobs to be done” will automatically make things very objective. Any such framework examples?

About Nishant Choudhary

Nishant Choudhary joins us on Audiogyan. One of the Senior product management folks whom i know and have worked with. Currently Nishant is heading the product for Freight Tiger, previously at BookMyShow. He is from IIM Lucknow. A very good friend and is a Vipassana sadhak doing a lot proactive projects globally for it.

Do listen to Episode number 7, call Nut and Bolts of Product with Subramanya Sharma. I guess the only episode i did with a product guy.