EP 237 . 13 Apr 22

Honest Structures

With Hemmant Jha

In the episode

  1. What is your definition of honesty? What is “Honest Structures”? Why? How would you define your design language?
  2. In India, (and even for me despite loving Dieter Rams) I find wood to have some warmth. How do you arrive at the comfort and yet that human touch?
  3. Which aspect of the product do you keep digging into the most to achieve what you wish to? For eg: The finding the right colors for powder coating which add dynamism or making it future proof or simply making it modular to ship and assemble
  4. You say you guys use the finest materials. I guess it’s mostly steel. What made you settle on metal when recyclable plastic seems to be very versatile.
  5. Can Modular & Customisable products be scaled? What according to you is the tradeoff of industrially mass-produced? Do you think we are coming around full circle of personalized, standardized, and now again personalized?
  6. What does it take to build products that are “Guaranteed for Life”? Why for “life” in this world of 15-second Tiktok videos?
  7. Which domain will benefit maximum from products and furniture designed by Honest Structures?

About Hemmant Jha

Hemmant is Principal and Founder of Honest Structures, which makes the cleanest, most responsible line of modern modular furniture and organization systems in the world. Modest yet highly functional & aesthetically pleasing products for both living & working. HS is based in Goa and Chicago. Previously, Hemmant was Chief Design Officer at Godrej and has taught at IIT Institute of Design and Kellogg School of Management in the US.