EP 239 . 11 May 22

Designing boundaries

With Fernando Velho

In the episode

  1. What according to you (philosophically) are maps?
  2. Why do we need maps?
  3. What are different types of maps? Some show vegetation while some show roads and railways.
  4. Do maps create exclusivity? What is the significance of maps? What are the dangers of map making
  5. What comes first? Maps or boundaries?
  6. How are maps designed? How do you become a cartographer?
  7. In today’s data-driven world how can we vouch for the accuracy of maps?
  8. How frequently do maps change? Who is fixing these changing boundaries?
  9. Can you name a few maps you have designed and how has it helped Goa? Maybe a talk a little about Chimbel
  10. What is the future of Maps in this digital world?

About Fernando Velho

Fernando Velho is an architect with degrees from the Goa College of Architecture and the University of Michigan. Over the years, he has collaborated with design practises from across Asia, North America and Europe. He is the founder of the Goa based design practise Studio Woodpecker dedicated to architecture, furniture design, heritage conservation and research. He also teaches an urban design studio at the Goa College of Architecture. In 2021, he authored a book along with Dr. Sidh Losa Mendiratta on The Church and Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Chimbel. He is a part of Goa Collective – A group of professionals working towards better urban spaces and public life in Goa. They are drawing or should I re-drawing maps and today we are here to discuss all about Maps, primarily from a philosophical perspective but also literal.