EP 241 . 22 Jun 22

O Gaanewali

With Avanti Patel

In the episode

  1. How did you get into Thumri? Why Thumri?
  2. What is O Gaanewali? How was the concert / idea conceived and why?
  3. Can you talk a little bit about ‘musicality’ of Thumri (about the particular style of shrungar ras) and how over time artists have had to rethink their approach to what sounds “good”?
  4. It was even customary for Thumri singers of the Benaras and Lucknow traditions to dance and even enact certain portions of the composition. Similarly can you share any nuances which a layman might not be aware of with regards to Thumri?
  5. Thumri as compared to Khayal is relatively new (Wajid Ali Shah 1900s) – What according to you is the future of Thumri now that we see a changed version even in Bollywood movies?

About Avanti Patel

Avanti Patel is a Hindustani Classical Vocalist. She also teaches music. We are going to touch upon some basic aspects of Thumri and its allied forms in relation to the show O Gaanewali gig which is making news…