EP 245 . 03 Aug 22

Crafting moving visuals

With Yashoda & Vijesh Rajan

In the episode

  1. Let’s start with a layman’s definition of VFX and Special effects. What are they? Are they categorically different or used interchangeably and loosely?
  2. What does motion mean to you? What according to you is a definition of “good” storytelling?
  3. Can you briefly paint a picture of the evolution of animation, VFX, and motion design in the Indian ecosystem since Rammohan days?
  4. Which according to you is a better medium to express/tell a story – Illustrations or real-life motion? Why in either case?
  5. The Sacred Games title sequence looks like the mandala really exists in physical form somewhere. As a VFX person, what according to you is the drive to make special effects look so real?
  6. Aniruddha Mehta has been a guest on Audiogyan. We spoke about Sacred Games title sequence and how he gave the illustrator file and you guys added magic to it. Can you share the process and stages of how different projects are done at plexus – Title sequence animations (Eg: Raman Raghav). Animation Videos or films (Eg: Gustaakh)
  7. In the case of the title sequence, the names come in a repetitive form. You need to keep freshness so people read but not over-index the animation. How do you handle that?
  8. How has OTT changed the title sequence nostalgia of a film like “Sholay” with the “Skip intro” button?
  9. What is the future of VFX, animation, and CGI in India? How do you see auto-generated special effects by Instagram and Snapchat filters contributing to the ecosystem?

About Yashoda & Vijesh Rajan

Yashoda & Vijesh, both are directors, animators, and motion designers. They are team Plexus. Plexus has worked on projects like making title sequences, music videos, trailers, and animated movies. A few names to their credit are…Gangs of Wasseypur, Angry India Goddesses, Double Barrel, Raman Raghav 2.0, Made in Heaven, Sacred Games, and more…