EP 251 . 28 Sep 22

Generalists or/and Specialists

With Itu Chaudhuri & Lisa Rath

In the episode

  1. What is your definition of Design and how has it changed over time?
  2. Charlie Chaplin, Gulzar, Massimo Vignelli, Satyajit Ray, or R.K. Joshi – Would you call them specialists or generalists? Why? How do you define these terms?
  3. Steve Jobs used to say that folks like Micheal Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci were both doers and thinkers. How critical is that in today’s time and what changed during the course?
  4. What according to you should be the career ladder of a designer? How important is mastering the base craft before specialization?
  5. Does specialization come linearly after one becomes a generalist or we can jump directly?
  6. Do you think we should have “fine designers” just like we have “fine artists”? since most of them are solving commercial and corporate problems in India. What can he/she possibly do?
  7. Do you think designers need to arrive at a style like artists or simply contribute to bringing value to shareholders by solving problems?
  8. What is your take on designers coming laterally? Or Designers going away laterally?
  9. In most parts of the world, designers have a lot of responsibility and it has come over time (Seat at the table). Lot of agencies and services thrive but any thoughts on pure accountability to grow numbers or change in business outcomes?
  10. What according to you is the future of Design? Do we need more generalists or specialists? Which areas need maximum design intervention in India?

About Itu Chaudhuri & Lisa Rath

We have Itu Chaudhuri and Lisa Rath with us on Audiogyan. They don’t need any formal introduction to the world of design. Just for our record, Itu and Lisa a Principals at Itu Chaudhuri Design, a full-stack design agency bringing powerful design and original thinking to business problems and opportunities. They have engaged in branding, packaging, communication, and editorial design for clients all around. To name a few, Indian Express, Outlook Traveller, Nestle, Haldiram, Dr. Reddy, and more…