EP 252 . 12 Oct 22

Designing Green events

With Indraja & Aishwarya

In the episode

  1. How did “Nose to Tail” come to be? Whats with the name? What do you girls do exactly? Why?
  2. Can you share landscape of events w.r.t number of events, types of events that happen on a regular day in India. Or if you want to address your TAM.
  3. What all types of waste that is generated in any event? What is the biggest waste that you optimise for?
  4. Can you share any case study or any client’s event that made you convinced with this mission you are on?
  5. How do you design green events? Some nuances will help. If you can walk us from ideation to finally wrap-up?
  6. How do you balance emotions with rituals and being practical and talking about waste when people celebrate in silos without being aware of the bigger context?
  7. Can you talk little bit about the materials and sources you use to make an eco-friendly event? Can people do on their own?
  8. Can this model be scaled? How do you envision future of events in India? Any other countries doing it and with what degree of awareness?
  9. How has your design education helped here w.r.t problem solving? What is your biggest learning after Nose to Tail – a message you want to give budding designers and fellow practitioners?

About Indraja & Aishwarya

There are some 16 events / rituals which are performed in a life of an individual in the Indian context. From Naming ceremony to celebrating 75th Birthday and more…


From birth to death. If we calculate with 140Cr people, I am sure, it’s a hell of number. Well, worry not, we have Nose to Tail – Designing celebrations which are beautiful inside and out. Founded by Indraja Khare and Aishwarya Lonial. They design Green events and a strong believer and proponent of up-cycling and sustainability. What started as a College project at MIT has now become a successful venture going strong for 4 years. We’ll try and document case study with Indraja and Aishwarya and know about designing green events.