EP 253 . 19 Oct 22

Green Humour

With Rohan Chakravarty

In the episode

  1. People around me, including myself, can identify cars but not trees or birds. How did you get into this and what keeps you so motivated to go into the depths of each artwork on various levels… technically, politically, artistically, and more…?
  2. What is the difference between a comic, a cartoon, and an illustration? How do you capture and then curate the core essence of what you wish to communicate? For eg: I am not much into wildlife but became your fan when I saw your Abbas Kiarostami comic.
  3. Where does the humor come from? How would you define your style of work? Why do critics think of anthropomorphism as a weakness in a storyteller’s inventory?
  4. How do you find a balance between the artistic side of your work and the scientific side? How has it changed over time? Is the political narrative increasing with each passing day with the situation around us?
  5. What is the most challenging part of your job? What 3 things would you suggest to artists, designers, and problem solvers, if they want to be like you?

About Rohan Chakravarty

I am quoting today’s guests from one of his articles…

“I have this presentation that starts with me asking my viewers to identify three sets of entities that are put forth visually: The first set of people is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, the second set is Narendra Modi and Donald Trump and the third is a species of Dragonfly which is very common in India called Ground Skimmer. And most people, unless they are scientists, can identify the first two sets of entities but not the third one. And that is my main complaint because my life and the lives of my viewers revolve more around the dragonfly, rather than Priyanka Chopra, or Narendra Modi, as the dragonfly eats mosquitoes and saves us from diseases.“

Today, after a year-long chase, we finally have Rohan Chakravarty on Audiogyan. He frankly needs no introduction. Rohan is a cartoonist, illustrator, wildlife buff, and creator of Green Humour, a series of comic strips about nature. He tweets as @thetoonguy and posts as @green_humour on Instagram.