EP 286 . 01 Nov 23

Design for scale

With Abhinit Tiwari

In the episode

  1. You wear multiple hats – designer, programmer and Product. Your twitter bio says, App Maker. Pixel Hinter. Leak Checker. Who do you associate the most with?
  2. What does scale mean in the world of tech?
  3. What does “designing for scale” enable us to do? Why design for scale?
  4. What’s the role of design & research in this?
  5. Is process driven culture a recipe for scaling? Doesn’t process hinder innovation and out of box thinking?
  6. When lean, one can move fast. When we have legacy how do we change?
  7. Apple being an exception, who else has designed for scale? I know you will say, Stripe. Any other brand / product?
  8. When you are market leaders, what can make us strive for excellence? We are already at scale. 🙂
  9. What were the biggest challenges and if you were do it all over again, what is one thing you’ll change?
  10. We are in a process of improving our design system, which we hope will help us scale. Who should be the key stake holder and why?
  11. I know you must have answered this many times, does creativity come in the way when we have design system. For eg: How do we personalise or customise for different segments while maintaining unified language?

About Abhinit Tiwari

Abhinit has been building digital products for past 15 years, he was head of Design at Gojek and scaled the design and research function from 6 designer to 200 plus including research. He is currently on a sabbatical.