About Audiogyan

Audiogyan is a collection of conversations with luminaries of the Indian creative world. It’s a passion project to document thoughts and ideas of Indian designers, artists, musicians, writers, thinkers, and luminaries of the creative world.

It’s a philanthropic project founded in 2016.


Hosted by Kedar Nimkar. He is a self taught designer who has been crafting digital experiences for more than 15 years. Kedar has previoulsy worked in BookMyShow, Cleartrip, PaperPlane and Webchutney. He lives in Mumbai.


Inspired by the maukik parampara (oral tradition) of India. Gyan (knowledge) was transferred from the Guru (teacher) to the Shishya (student) through a series of dialogues. The Shishya use to absorb this knowledge through sharvan parampara. (hearing tradition).

Why Audiogyan

Audiogyan believes that theory goes from micro to macro - finding patterns & generalising to find first principles. Having strong inclination towards art, culture and design, we are trying to document these wide-ranging conversation which hopefully can be resourceful for future generations.