Traditional Dance; Kathak

with Prajakta Sathe

Guru is the breathe of a dancer. Without him or her you can not step on the dance floor.

- Prajakta Sathe

Prajakta Sathe

Prajakta is a multidisciplinary artist with extensive work in the field of Dance. She is a vocalist, dancer, writer, painter and a really good actor. She is Kathak Nritya Visharad with 29 years of experience in dance, Masters in Cytogenetics and has won number accolades for her various performances in theatre and dance. She has been teaching Kathak for more than a decade and has trained more than 100 students in Mumbai.

Gyan session

What’s the importance of Traditional dance in life?

What is practice?

Challenges to spread awareness to about these art forms?

How do you introduce Kathak to the new generation.

What is Dance therapy? and a lot more insights on Traditional dance forms like Kathak.