Last temptations of an actor

with Atul Kulkarni

You should be able to develop a faculty in yourself to see the entire film even before it is shot

- Atul Kulkarni

Atul Kulkarni

Atul Kulkarni is an Indian Actor born in Belgaum, Karnataka, India on 10th Sept 1965. Atul has worked in more than 60 films in 7 languages. An alumni of NSD and has done graduation in English literature from D. A. V. College, Solapur. He has won 2 national awards and is famous for his work in Rang De basanti, Hey Ram, Natrang and many more… You can see him in recently release The gazi attack. He enjoys the public and critical acclaim for his work not only nationally but also internationally. He is one of the very few actors who are also known for their articles, interviews and comments on social and political views.

Gyan session

How can one stay genuine and true to his or her role and still stay detached?

What is the process of developing a character where you can showcase the subtleties effortlessly?

What according to you are the 3 required skills to be a good actor?

Last temptations of an actor; what can one do to avoid falling in trap of this Maya of films, movies and entertainment still be remembered as an actor?

You also live a very simple life with Roti, kapda, makaan and wifi. Can you tell us more about it?