EP 19 . 07 Jun 17

Resurgence of Marathi poetry in Mumbai

With Sanket Mhatre

In the episode

  • Your connection with poetry and what does poetry mean to you?
  • The poetry scene in Mumbai.
  • Why is a poetry reading growing again?
  • Do the new poems have depth? Are these poets mature to articulate their thoughts?
  • Are the poems contextual to the current social, political structure?
  • Where is it heading? What’s the future of these Poetry sessions?

About Sanket Mhatre

Sanket has been an advertising professional for the past 12 years through the day and a poet by night.
Participated in multiple poetry festivals right from Kavyahotra to Poets Translating Poets. Also started his own program called Crossover Poems that brings together poets from different languages on a single platform.