EP 29 . 11 Sep 17

What it means to be an artist

With Aarohi Singh

In the episode

  • How do you define your canvas? How has that process evolved in years?
  • If your products are one-of-a-kind, how do you define the value of it?
  • Can you tell us the power of kitsch when the world is tending towards minimalism and utility-driven design?
  • What is the significance of upcycling?
  • Can you share your learnings since you are a self-taught designer?

About Aarohi Singh

Aarohi Singh is a Bangalore based artist but has traveled all around India because of her Military background. She is a self-taught artist who doesn’t create art for art’s sake; her work usually expresses a strong idea or carries an underlying message, and is often a response to what is happening in the world around her. Aarohi puts brush onto anything that appeals to her and it explodes into colors as vibrant as her personality and as bold as her thoughts are.