Introduction to Industrial design

Episode38 . Thu, 16 Nov 2017

Featuring: Narendra Ghate

Episode abstract

1. What all can be considered as Industrial design products? How huge is this canvas?

2. What are challenges involved while designing something for such a wide range of users? For e.g., ergonomics, cost, recyclability,

3. How do you differentiate between a user need and user want?

4. Which is the most significant work you have done so far? How did user study help? What would have been different if you would have not done user research?

5. What new products can we see coming in the market from India in the coming decades.

About Narendra Ghate

Chief designer at Tata Elxsi. Product design graduate from IDC, IITB

Narendra Ghate; Chief designer at Tata Elxsi. He is a product design graduate from IDC, IITB. He started his career in 1997. An expert in product planning, automotive styling, graphics, branding and more… He was also part of the core team that was instrumental in making the Industrial Design division the largest design house in India.