Education of typography within Indian landscape

Episode44 . Thu, 14 Dec 2017

Featuring: G V Sreekumar

Episode abstract

1. What is the role of typography in society?

2. Can you tell us how important is typography even for a layman? From using the right font to influence in politics to typefaces used in signages to avoid accidents. What is the canvas of typography?

3. How regional typography is important as we are moving towards a digital world? Why are fonts in Indian regional language necessary?

4. Can you tell us what are prospective research areas for people interested in Indian Typography?

5. How does the future of Indian typographic landscape look like? How have different foundries, education institutes contributed to where we stand today?

About G V Sreekumar

Head of IDC, IIT Mumbai

Prof. G V Sreekumar is Head of IDC school of Design at IIT Bombay. He was trained under the legendary Prof. R.K. Joshi while studying Master of Design in Visual communication at IDC. He has worked on a Malyalam font in “Vinyas” a spine based font design software developed by Prof. R.K. Joshi and NCST, Mumbai. He is famous as a publication designer also and has designed several popular magazines in India including CHIP, DIGIT, Overdrive, Chandamama, Society, Savvy etc… His areas of specialisations include typography, calligraphy, information design and human anatomy drawing. He has over 17 years of experience as a faculty in IDC, IIT Mumbai.