Audiogyan turns 1 – Best of 2017

Episode48 . Wed, 27 Dec 2017

Featuring: Kedar Nimkar

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Episode abstract

1. Anirudha Joshi, design professor from IDC, IIT Mumbai. He talks about state of the design in India.

2. Gangadharan Menon, a teacher and a writer. Ganga Sir talks about medium, message and meaning of words.

3. Dr. Vidhyadhar Oke who is a musicologist and he speaks on fundamental differences between hindustani and Carnatic classical music

4. Narendra Ghate, Chief designer at Tata Elxsi shared his insights into industrial design and how are things manufactured & designed at large scale.

5. Varun Grover a renowned lyricist and standup comedian. He shared his thoughts on creativity and it’s challenges.

6. Uday Kumar who has designed the rupee symbol of India talks about the process of designing.

7. Rajat Kapoor, actor, writer and director shares his perspective on independent cinema.

8. Mahendra Patel a professor from NID speaks about typography and it’s basics.

9. Pavitra Sriprakash an architect deep dives in to sustainability and ancient architecture.

10. Sunit singh, Product designer simplifies concept like simplicity in design.

11. Ramu Ramanathan’s insightful talk on stage life heroes and villain was a revelation in itself.

12. Shiva Nallaperumal a typeface designer spoke about typefaces and gave some brilliant analogies.

13. Atul Kulkarni, famous Bollywood actor known for his simplicity expressed his ideas about acting and process of becoming an actor.

14. Chetan Shedjale, lead designer at Harley Davidson spoke on designing a motorcycle which was quite new for me as a domain

15. Hrush Bhatt, co-founder of Cleartrip speaks about entrepreneurship, product and design.

16. Vikram Gahlot, teacher and thinker opened up my mind in to topic such as education and shared his views.

About Kedar Nimkar

Today, I am very excited to release our 50th episode and also Audiogyan turns 1 today. Since it’s inception, I have interviewed 45 people and it has been a great learning experience. Not only from the gyan sessions but also from the wonderful interactions I have had with all the guests. In the past year, I was exposed to a whole lot of new philosophies and realized how deep and wide the canvas is for design and arts.

In this anniversary episode, I have collected few of the questions and answers from various people that I have interviewed. These snippets will give a sneak peek into insights which guests have shared in the past year.

Before I begin, I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all the listeners, all the guests who have given their time for gyan sessions and few more people. Kamal Nayan who implanted this idea of documenting Indian designers. Jaydeep Gajera for making the first cut of my website. Yashwanth, Pankaj and team from Designstring for building and managing my website. Apart from that, I would like to thank Veena Shahane, Manasi Joshi, Sunit Singh, Anirban Biswas, Prasad Phanse, Ramu Ramanathan and all my friends and family for the support and helping me in connecting with more people.