Different aspects of painting

Episode54 . Wed, 07 Feb 2018

Featuring: Sumantra Mukherjee

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Episode abstract

1. I believe, every art form has a subtext (an underlying message), how can one read whats going on in a painters mind? How critical it is to convey anything through art? What is your process while working on a project?

2. Whats your fascination with Faces? You work deals a lot with abstract faces?

3. Can you tell us brief history of art and paintings in Kolkatta?

4. What is the significance of street painting? Especially on roads?

5. Is proportion considered while making abstract figures?

About Sumantra Mukherjee

Painter from Kolkatta

Sumantra Mukherjee is a trained painter and his primary area of practice concentrates on portrait/figurative imagery of the contemporary cultural influx in today’s worlds; colourful and whimsical. He who works and lives in Kolkatta. In Kolkata, post-colonial is not a theory, but a fact of daily life. As a draughtsman he responds to such situations through Wall & Street painting, sculpture and design.