Comic strips and graphic design

Episode60 . Wed, 21 Mar 2018

Featuring: Ashvini Menon

Episode abstract

1. What is the role of comic strips / caricature drawing in the society? Can you tell us in which all domain this type of art form is used and not used until now?

2. You have been actively working on graphics related to nature and ecology. How do you measure your success in this? Can you tell us any case study in brief?

3. Can you tell us about cartoon strip, ”Ecotism” which is a year long association with Hindu. Where does your inspiration come from?

4. You are working and have worked with big brands like Microsoft, Visa Singapore and BNHS, can you tell us how much of brands like these, value art plus giving back to society through art?

5. What was your work and contribution when you worked with TaxiFabric on Wild Mumbaikars? What was your learning then?

About Ashvini Menon

Graphic designer, illustrator from Mumbai

Ashvini Menon is a graphic designer, illustrator from Mumbai and did her Masters of Graphic design from NID.
She has worked on projects with Microsoft, Reader’s digest, Visa Singapore, Bombay Natural History society, India and many more in her stint as a freelance graphic designer. Ashvini has won many awards so far.