EP 68 . 09 May 18

State of animation in India

With Vaibhav Kumaresh

In the episode

  • Can you tell us the history of animation films in India? How long we have been doing this commercially?
  • Why is animation dominantly perceived as children’s thing?
  • Despite us, Indians having a strong tradition of storytelling, do you think we have trapped in this narrow view of animation? If yes why?
  • How do you see the future of animation in India? What can we expect in the next 2 decades?

About Vaibhav Kumaresh

Vaibhav Kumaresh is an animator; the creator of the timeless animated angry maths teacher Simpoo, the cheerful Chulbuli, and the amazing Amaron claymation commercials. The founder of Vaibhav Studios along with a few of his power-packed team members has been successfully producing some interesting Indian animation.