EP 71 . 30 May 18

Cartoon and illustrations

With Alicia Souza

In the episode

  • What is the significance of cartoons as an art form in the world of arts?
  • You have a distinct style of annotations, what made you explore this style predominantly? What is your source of inspiration?
  • In one of your interviews, you mentioned “agencies choosing photography over illustrations”. Do you think photos are more powerful than illustrations?
  • Is there something called the creator’s block, similar to writer’s block while working on non-commissioned work?
  • Being also an entrepreneur how do you see an artist’s future who wants to specialize in illustration, especially comics?

About Alicia Souza

Alicia Souza is a designer, illustrator, and entrepreneur. She did her communication design from Melbourne and then worked briefly with Chumbak. She now has her own online store called aliciasouza.com where she sells her design through stationery, home accessories, apparel, and more. Today we are here to discuss some bits of her journey but more importantly cartoons and illustrations.