Introduction to stop motion animation

Episode75 . Wed, 27 Jun 2018

Featuring: Dhimant Vyas

Episode abstract

1. What is stop motion animation for a layman? Can you give some examples of your work?

2. On a stop-motion film, how is the decision typically made whether to do effects practically on set or in camera, versus doing it later in post-production?

3. Is there any particular shot you’ve worked on that stands out, in terms of capturing the magic of stop-motion with brilliant effects work?

4. How much knowledge about camera and lighting is required to become a stop-motion animation expert?

5. What are your thoughts on the future potential of stop-motion as an art form?

About Dhimant Vyas

Veteran Animation Film Designer

Dhimant Vyas is a veteran Animation Film Designer, working as a senior Art director at Zynga games India. An alumnus of the National Institute of Design (NID). His work for Taare Zameen Par, Happy Planet, Cute Bunny, Y-snore, MTV promos and his photography have won him several national and international awards. He has a vast experience in creating animation using various techniques like Stop Motion, 2D Classical, Cut Out, Material, Sand, Pixilation and Flash.