Furniture design, bamboo and more

with Pravinsinh Solanki

Bamboo is still untapped and there is huge market for it. Plus India is second largest producer of Bamboo.

- Pravinsinh Solanki

Pravinsinh Solanki

Pravinsinh Solanki teaches Furniture & Interior Design at the National Institute of Design. He has worked on various interior design and retail store design projects and has rich and varied work experience. At NID he teaches Construction & Fabrication, Space Planning, Retail Store Design, Design Detailing, and Design Management. He also looks after the classic prototypes which are designed by world class designers. He has a special interest in bamboo furniture and is the coordinator of Bamboo Initiatives at NID.

Gyan session

1. Can you tell us the state of furniture design in India? This is mainly to set context to our discussion?

2. What is the difference between bamboo and wood?

3. You have specialised in Bamboo. How can one pick a particular material to explore possibilities. What is the process for it? Does it need to start with material? How else can it start?

4. Why did you pick Bamboo and how have things changed for you, to retrospectively say it has been worth it. Can Bamboo match up to the possibilities in fibre and other materials?

5. Are we going around full cycle while making stuff from Bamboo?

6. What is the future of furniture design in India? How can people be made sensitive to this domain and realise how important it is?