Insights into the world of Radio Jockey

Episode83 . Wed, 22 Aug 2018

Featuring: Shrikant Joshi

Episode abstract

1. What does it take to become an RJ?

2. When and how did RJing start. A brief history in India?

3. What are the roles and responsibilities of being a RJ?

4. Why is radio still considered to be such a powerful medium?

5. What is the future of radio?

About Shrikant Joshi

Radio Jockey

Started as a Physics & Astronomy student, have dabbled in content writing, then technical writing, and finally ended up with my current career – a Radio Show Host (or Radio Jockey, as is the current trend) at a local FM station. Fluent in: (Technical & Creative) Writing, Content Development, Radio Programming and Productions.
Can understand: Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Physics, Electronics, Technology.
Learning: Software Development, Web Applications, Python (specifically Django)
Specialties: Radio, Programming, Presentation, Production, Scheduling – almost all facets of Radio. πŸ™‚