EP 84 . 29 Aug 18

What is DesignUp? with Jay Dutta

With Jay Dutta

In the episode

  • What is Design Up?
  • Why did you start it?
  • What can we expect at Design Up?
  • What is the importance of conferences like these?
  • What’s the future of Design Up?

About Jay Dutta

Today I have Jay Dutta back with us on Audiogyan. I recently interviewed with him discussing the role of design in start-ups. This episode is not part 2 but a conversation on Design up a totally go to a conference for design in tech. A quick background about Jay, He leads the Experience Design Charter for a new, expanded MakeMyTrip Group, and mentors startups. He is the AsiaPacific Lead for the non-Profit IxDa and the Founder/Curator of the Design Up Conference.