Nuances of being an actor

Episode87 . Wed, 19 Sep 2018

Featuring: Rajit Kapur

Episode abstract

1. What is the process and evolution of taking a particular character from it’s literary representation to actual stage performance? This is mainly towards theatre.

2. What is the process of character development while working in theatre as oppose to working for a film or for web or TV? What changes you bring in being an actor? Short question, difference between rehearsing or facing the camera?

3. You played Gandhi for which you got national award. How much creative liberty you had while working on a historical character? How different it is while working on a fictitious character versus a real character? How did you prepare for this role with Shyam Benegal?

4. Can you tell us any particular character where you allowed yourself to play outside the boundaries of the written text / character and what was the revelation that happened?

5. Why are theatre artist respected more than anybody else? And what would you tell upcoming artists to make them sensitive to challenges of being a theatre actor?

6. Rage hosts playwriting workshops. What has been the process like? Describe it for the benefit of young people who are listening and may want to write a play

About Rajit Kapur

Actor, director, writer and a legendary theatre person

Today I have an actor, director, writer and a legendary theatre person who needs no introduction. Rajit Kapur. He is well known as Byomkesh Bakshi, but we are not here today to talk about any of it. Since all I could find online is people asking him about that role which is fresh and alive in hearts of people after 20-30 years. Today we are here to speak about nuances of being and actor. Be it Munna’s big brother in Gulham or Manik Mulla from Suraj ka Satwaan Ghoda. Thank you Rajit for giving us your time and it’s a real honour to have you on Audiogyan.