Understanding materials while designing products

Episode96 . Wed, 28 Nov 2018

Featuring: Fenny Ganatra

Episode abstract

1. What comes first – Materials or design idea?

2. How do you persuade yourself to go after the design you envisioned?

3. How do you choose material? Especially when there is so much available in the market? What makes you choose one material over other?

4. How do you see, quality, simplicity and functionality?

5. How can a designer bring break through in his or her work?

About Fenny Ganatra

Founder of Fenny G, a studio based in Mumbai

Fenny Ganatra is a founder of Fenny G, a studio based in Mumbai, making industrial products across the globe. Fenny has always been brought up in a design centric environment and did her professional education from Raffles Design International in Mumbai. She believes, A good product is not just about who buys it or who aspires to buy it; it’s about the ‘joy’ the user and designer equally derives out of it. She has received the red dot award in 2012.