EP 96 . 28 Nov 18

Understanding materials while designing products

With Fenny Ganatra

In the episode

  • What comes first – Materials or design ideas?
  • How do you persuade yourself to go after the design you envisioned?
  • How do you choose the material? Especially when there is so much available in the market? What makes you choose one material over another?
  • How do you see, quality, simplicity, and functionality?
  • How can a designer bring breakthrough in his or her work?

About Fenny Ganatra

Fenny Ganatra is a founder of Fenny G, a studio based in Mumbai, making industrial products across the globe. Fenny has always been brought up in a design-centric environment and did her professional education from Raffles Design International in Mumbai. She believes, A good product is not just about who buys it or who aspires to buy it; it’s about the ‘joy’ the user and designer equally derive out of it. She has received the red dot award in 2012.