Designing interiors for your city

Wed, 02 Jan 2019

Featuring: Ayaz Basrai

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Episode abstract

1. If we consider city to be our home, which is the living area, which is the bed room and how would you define kitchen and so on…?

2. What are your thoughts on doing interior design of a particular city?

3. Which according to you are well designed cities in the world, why?

4. Why do we need to design cities? How essential are aesthetics when it comes to designing a city?

5. Bus Ride is working on a project called as India Future projects. Can you shed some light on it? What is it and what is the objective behind this project?

About Ayaz Basrai

Founder of The Bus Ride Studio in Goa & Mumbai

Founder of The Busride Studio based in Goa and Mumbai.
Ayaz Graduated in Industrial Design, specializing in Product Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in 2003. Ayaz studio ‘The Busride’ as an independent Design Studio specialising in the design and creation of environments, ranging from Hospitality, Entertainment venues, Film and Production to Exhibitions and temporary installa- tions and more..