EP 110 . 13 Feb 19

Food styling & designing

With Payal Gupta

In the episode

  • What is food styling all about? What do you mean when we say he or she is a food stylist?
  • “A food-stylist needs to have an expertise in cooking and an aesthetic sense to develop an interesting image for the brand.” Does this mean, an artist who is a chef or a chef who has an artistic bend?
  • What are the big challenges while styling food, especially when you are designing campaigns for Fast Food chains like McDonald’s or Subway? This is mainly to understand because when it comes to food chains like these, food is not cooked but manufactured. How do you bring in the drool-worthy feeling while working on brands like these?
  • What has been your experience while styling food which has Indian origin? What are the learnings you can share?
  • In one of your interviews online you mentioned, “Each year you set goals to upgrade your skill sets as a chef and do not stagnate your learnings” What makes you say that explicitly whereas each professional these days has to keep pace with what’s happening in the market. This question also illustrates what would be your 2 cents to people who wish to venture into this profession.

About Payal Gupta

Payal Gupta is a chef, food stylist, and floral stylist working out of Mumbai. Payal started a company called Chef Payal Gupta to nurture her love for food and art. This company is jointly run by her and her husband Hitesh along with a talent pool of staff. She has studied in more than 8 institutes in and outside India. Chef Payal has styled food for acclaimed global brands like Hindustan Unilever, General Mills, Britannia, McDonald’s, ITC to name a few. And today we are here to understand food design or food styling