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Episode111 . Wed, 20 Feb 2019

Featuring: Deepa Punjani

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Episode abstract

1. You have been at the helm of Mumbai Theatre Guide for two decades. What are the trends you have seen in the city in the past 20 years?

2. What is so unique about Mumbai in terms of theatre? Be it: Shivaji Mandir to Bhaidas, or NCPA to Lok Shahiri?

3. You have been an actor on the Gujarati commercial stage. Why does the Gujarati stage not produce quality playwrights? Or is it changing thanks to plays like Code Mantra plus texts by Soumya Joshi?

4. You are head of the Indian critics association. You have solid members like Jayashree Joshi and Arun Naik. When will Indian stage have a formidable critic like Namwar Singh who created a narrative for Hindi language literature?

5. Your reviews of plays by theatre makers like Rehaan Engineer and Deepam Shivaram are glowing in praise. What sets them apart?

6. Your five must watch plays for theatrewallahs in the city?

About Deepa Punjani

Writer, Editor

Deepa is an editor, developer and content writer for the well known website “Mumbai Theatre Guide” which has been active for past 2 decades. She has taken countless interviews of known and unknown people from the world of theatre. An actor and a reviewer.