Designing with cardboard (The corrugation man)

Episode112 . Wed, 27 Feb 2019

Featuring: Haresh Mehta

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Episode abstract

1. Can you set the ball rolling by telling us a brief history of corrugation?

2. You come from a family of paper merchants. What does corrugation board as a material mean to you when you were a child? When did you realise corrugation board is your calling?

3. What is the science of corrugation board? Why has it not gained in currency thus far?

4. Can you tell us something about flute lamination machines for a layman? What is it and what does it do?

5. Can you tell us the most interesting product your have every designed using corrugated cardboard. Since you have designed everything from cradles to coffin. Also if we can talk about the Loo Box?

6. How do you and your team at Jayna conceptualise things made from corrugated cardboard? What does one have to learn to start making it? An industrial design course or any other course or any academic studies…?

About Haresh Mehta logo

Owner of Jayna Packaging and founder of Paper Shaper

Haresh Mehta is the founder of Paper Shaper, a Mumbai-based corrugated cardboard manufacturing firm, and is offering an alternate and sustainable solution to wooden and furniture made of other materials. Haresh has not only created a niche for himself but has given the society a unique way of living without damaging the nature. He has made beds, benches, bookshelves, tables, chairs, children’s furniture, toys, coffee cups, lamps, photo frames, all from Carboard. All durable, superbly designed and eco-friendly. Today we are here to explore card board as a material and possible design solutions from it.