World of Indian graphic design

Episode116 . Wed, 20 Mar 2019

Featuring: Pavithra Dikshit

Episode abstract

1. You say your exploration in design is within Indian context. What do you mean by that? What is Indianness when it comes to graphic design?

2. How big and wide is the canvas with respect to Indian Graphic Design?

3. Can graphic design be tactile in nature? What is the role of paper when it comes to graphic design? How critical is that element? Since I am always exposed to digital graphic design?

4. In some of your articles online, you have mentioned about you being super disciplined and lover of side projects. What can be different ways for a graphic designer to explore side projects?

5. So there is a connection between your work, life and work-life? How does your day job work in this sense?

6. How do you choose what you should work on? Especially with side projects. Everybody has so many ideas? You seem to have built a few composite projects, why is that? Is that a style?

7. A lot of your recent work involves words and typography. Could you talk about it? Also you’re reading and sharing a lot more of the books. Have you always been a reader? Is that important for a graphic designer in today’s world?

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Typographer, Graphic designer and presently working in Landor, Mumbai

Pavithra Dikshit is a typographer, Graphic designer and presently working in Landor, Mumbai. She is also part of Kadak, a collective of South Asian women who work with graphic storytelling of different kinds.