EP 120 . 24 Apr 19

What does it take to become an illustrator

With Lokesh Karekar

In the episode

  • What qualifies to be an illustration and what doesn’t. Technically and philosophically?
  • What goes into your mind when you do illustrations with just linework of single color as oppose to filled color illustrations. How do you perceive these 2 styles?
  • What is your process of picking a color palette for a particular project?
  • With the growing trend of abstract art and minimalism, do you think one needs to be trained in illustrations and art in general?
  • What is Locopopo? Why this name and what do you do there? How do you marry artistic expression versus client brief?

About Lokesh Karekar

Lokesh is one of India’s leading visual and communications design artist. An alumnus of Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts and founder of LOCOPOPO and has Co-Founded the 100% Zine. He loves exploring varied mediums. His illustrations capture the essence of people, places, and objects. Lokesh explores fun, colorful compositions through abstract forms and free-flowing lines. He was featured in Forbes – 30 under 30 lists with leading young entrepreneurs in India. And today we are here to discuss “What does it take to become an illustrator?”