Illustrating human figures

Episode129 . Wed, 26 Jun 2019

Featuring: Priyanka Karyekar

Episode abstract

1. What is the most fascinating thing about illustrating human figures? What are your learnings so far in the discovery phase?

2. Your more recent work is towards depicting women in your illustrations. What is the story behind it?

3. What are your thoughts on making illustrations of real-life figures which are not really like Raja Ravi Verma’s paintings of god and goddesses?

4. You have tried to revive a few national heroes by giving them a contemporary look through your illustrations. Can you tell us the thought behind it?

5. What according to you is the biggest challenge while illustrating human characters? What is the artistic block one can get and then how to overcome it?

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Today I have Priyanka Karyekar with us on Audiogyan. She is a full-time Graphic Designer & illustrator and has been doing editorial, book, merchandising, branding and packaging design for various clients. Her illustration style is simple, a mix of type and drawings and playing around with few textures. She is currently based out of Pune. Although she has a huge body of work in illustration, this Audiogyan tries and documents her love towards illustrating human figures which her own distinct style.