EP 137 . 21 Aug 19

Goan architecture and more

With Meetu Akali

In the episode

  • Can you tell a bit about your experience at Oxford and how did your education help in navigating your profession?
  • What are the unique characteristics of Goan architecture and interior? Which all things have shaped its look, form, and feel apart from Indo-Portuguese influence? What was the character of its architectural landscape before the colonial period?
  • Studio Momo is inspired by Wabi-Sabi Philosophy. Is it because Goa is a sea destination where time wears out things quickly? Was Wabi Sabi a conscious effort because you like it or was it a discovery as the destination demands it?
  • You have a few eco-products. Can you tell us more about it? Why these products and how do you use it on your sites? Your thoughts on going eco-friendly especially in Goa.
  • Can you share any particular case study and your learnings from any of your sites? For eg: Villa Chorao. Simple but powerful learning which has changed your perspective towards interior design or architecture
  • Studio Momo does both architecture and interior design (I understand, not necessarily for all the sites all the time). But if I can put is crude as Apple – where you do both hardware and software. Apple certainly has an advantage. What are your advantages areas of doing both?

About Meetu Akali

Meetu Akali is the founder of Studio Momo, an environmentally conscious Architecture & Interior design firm, specializing in luxury villas and the restoration of Indo-Portuguese homes of Goa. Studio Momo is based in Goa. Meetu is an architect who lived and studied in Oxford before moving to Goa.