EP 144 . 09 Oct 19

Form, substance and tech

With Tej Chauhan

In the episode

  • Why do you think unconscious objects need an emotive form?
  • Which is the most versatile material you have dealt with so far? Why? Can material itself be emotive? If you can share any examples?
  • Does it mean that if form, color, and texture are dealt with well, it’s a great industrial product? Are there any more parameters that you have learned over time or thought about it? With new-age tech, are there any new dimensions being added?
  • Today, how do you perceive technology that enables you to make these beautiful expressive objects? Because just at the beginning of the Industrial revolution, objects were flat with straight lines and simple shapes due to its constraints. What has changed now that has helped you make a product which brings joy to consumers and what do you think the future is going to be like?
  • In one of the interviews you mentioned, one of your inspirations is Stanley Kubrick. Why? Does any aspect of him reflect in your work? If yes, how? 🙂

About Tej Chauhan

Tej is known for emotive industrial design. He believes that every object has the potential to elicit joy through form, color, and texture, regardless of brand position or production budget. He combines his unique visual approach with production efficiency to create products that resonate with broad audiences and deliver true value and differentiation for brands. He is based in London.