Artwork and it’s medium

Episode149 . Wed, 13 Nov 2019

Featuring: Aditya Mehta

Episode abstract

1. AM: What does Art&Found do?
2. FV: What are different collections you have and how did Art&Found help in shaping them? What new things are born out of this collaboration?
3. AM: What are the constraints while designing since the final output is a tile?
4. FV: How have your artists responded to this? What is their feedback and learning from it?
5. AM & FV: Can you share the over all process from brief to actual deliverable tiles for a client? Would like to know the actual flow of how a vector or a .AI files is given to BFT artisans etc…
6. AM: The overall engagement seems like a win-win situation. Can you tell us who all are empowered through this and at what levels? BFT, Client & the Artist. How Art&Found enables this?
7. FV: What have been you learnings w.r.t market for this and what is next?

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