EP 151 . 27 Nov 19

Trash talk

With dina Amin

In the episode

  • What constitutes garbage is highly subjective, with some individuals or societies tending to discard things that others find useful or restorable. How do you define trash?
  • Do you consider your work as an act of Upcycling? How and why; either way?
  • What made you connect Stop motion and disassembling things to be an interesting exploration? What is the process like and what do you do exactly?
  • Is there any conscious effort of showing environmentally correct use of objects which people then tend to discard; thereby showcasing its value? Or is it still a fun exercise? Or do you try and illustrate a story by deconstructing & humanizing objects and narrating the object’s point of view?
  • How did it all land up in getting real work? If you can share any interesting case studies or collaborations?

Fun question: You have a problem with a capital D. How do you deal with autocorrect and grammar fixes are done by technology?

About dina Amin

She did her B.A. in Industrial design in Malaysia. Dina likes to work at the intersection of various disciplines. After discovering her love for stop motion, Dina founded “Tinker Studio”, where she produces stop motion videos for diverse clients and companies around the world.