India’s type hero – R.K. Joshi (Audiogyan turns 3)

Episode154 . Wed, 25 Dec 2019

Featuring: Talk on R.K. Joshi

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Episode abstract

1. Who is this immortal R.K. Joshi for our new age designers?
2. His tryst/passion with types and passion for letterforms?
3. His top 5 contributions to the world of arts & top 5 to the world of Type design in India
4. His contribution in the field of design education?
5. Who were his main influences like Arrighi and more, in India and outside?
6. Any personal ah-ha moments with him during your association/stories?
7. What was his vision for Indian type or calligraphy industry?
8. His thoughts on multilingual types considering his outlook towards India?
9. Any story behind designing the Adi Shankaracharya stamp?

About Talk on R.K. Joshi

Advertising, Type Designer, Calligrapher, Poet, Artist

R.K. Joshi was born in Kolhapur in 1936 and passed away on 5 February 2008, leaving behind a rich tradition of advertising, love of alphabets, poetry, teaching, calligraphy, type design and many more. One of his important contributions is designing the core Indian fonts used in Microsoft Windows.