EP 154 . 25 Dec 19

India’s type hero – R.K. Joshi (Audiogyan turns 3)

With Talk on R.K. Joshi

In the episode

  • Who is this immortal R.K. Joshi for our new age designers?
  • His tryst/passion with types and passion for letterforms?
  • His top 5 contributions to the world of arts & top 5 to the world of Type design in India
  • His contribution in the field of design education?
  • Who were his main influences like Arrighi and more, in India and outside?
  • Any personal ah-ha moments with him during your association/stories?
  • What was his vision for the Indian type or calligraphy industry?
  • His thoughts on multilingual types considering his outlook towards India?
  • Any story behind designing the Adi Shankaracharya stamp?

About Talk on R.K. Joshi

R.K. Joshi was born in Kolhapur in 1936 and passed away on 5 February 2008, leaving behind a rich tradition of advertising, love of alphabets, poetry, teaching, calligraphy, type design, and many more. One of his important contributions is designing the core Indian fonts used in Microsoft Windows.