EP 157 . 08 Jan 20

Maximalist contrarian

With Shweta Malhotra

In the episode

  • We will start with this one line which I found in most of your articles and interviews online. “My overall design aesthetic is minimal, bold and graphic, a response to the maximalist visual language prevalent in India.” – Can you tell in detail what do u mean by that? What have been your observations when you say, the maximalist visual language prevalent in India?
  • Why do you define your work to be minimal? Your initial work was fashion-focussed, while fashion doesn’t seem not very minimal in a philosophical sense?
  • What have been your observations w.r.t the contemporary art scene in India? Is contemporary word getting synonymous with minimalism due to our global exposure?
  • What is your process of approaching an artwork? Minimalism is all about eliminating while you are creating something new out from your observations and what you consume? Does a blank canvas intimidate you especially when u approach with a minimalistic mindset?
  • Do you think minimalism restricts the color palette or choice of images or fonts? What would be one take away who wish to explore this form in their work?

About Shweta Malhotra

Shweta Malhotra is a Graphic Designer based in Bombay. After graduating in Applied Arts from Sophia Polytechnic (Bombay) in 2004, she started as an Art Director with advertising agencies like McCann Erickson, Contract Advertising, and Ogilvy. In Feb 2008, after a short stint at Fabrica, she decided to pursue a career in Graphic Design and has since worked with firms like Grandmother India and Rediffusion Y&R Design. On a project basis, she’s also worked with Itu Chaudhuri Design and Illum Design. She was recently inducted as a member of the prestigious Alliance Graphique Internationale, which is an international association of graphic designers drawn from across the globe founded in the 1950s.