EP 160 . 29 Jan 20

Public architecture

With Eli Giannini

In the episode

  • What according to you is the core requirement when it’s going to be public use or public-facing architecture?
  • How do you identify/define the body and soul of a space or a building which is meant for people?
  • What role does “context” play in every project? How critical is it and why?
  • With your project, “McIntyre Drive apartments” you did in 2012, which has won many awards, it’s mainly designed to give people a sense of a village. So if you can tell us briefly that how did you manage to weave in inclusiveness for this particular project. I am more curious since this project for people living on air.
  • I am asking this question since I believe, it’s a crying need for India and other developing countries. You speak about bringing “craft of design” in your architecture work. What message would you like to give to young architects around the world; In terms of priority, 1, 2, and 3; which skills need to be built or harnessed to start designing space which is inclusive and benefitting people or society at large.

About Eli Giannini

This Audiogyan session is happening at the backdrop of Women in Design 2020 Plus. An International Conference and Exhibition curated by The HECAR Foundation, which aims to share stories of women around the world in the field of architecture, construction, and other related design fields.

Today I have Eli Giannini with us on Audiogyan. Eli is an architect and director of an award-winning Melbourne based firm, MGS architects. Over the past twenty-five years, Eli has been responsible for the design direction at MGS and winning numerous industry awards for her practice. We will try and get insights on, how she brings tenacity and passion for the craft of design with a special interest in developing architectural typologies into project-specific responses. She is based out of Australia.