On canvas and off canvas [Marathi]

Episode162 . Wed, 12 Feb 2020

Featuring: Parag Borse

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Episode abstract

1. What do you mean by expression? on canvas and off canvas
2. What’s your definition of reality? on canvas and off canvas
3. Can you tell us your thought process from seeing something to putting that on canvas after a very long time?
4. What according to you is important while creating a painting? Style, medium, content, context, artists journey? Why? And same question from a viewer’s standpoint? What he or she should look for?
5. What are your thoughts on your finished paintings and artwork? How do you see them in retrospective?

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“I feel the real bliss lies only in blankness. And it is only through blankness that the reality can be experienced. The moment we shed our prejudices, we have direct access to the reality. Above all, what matters, is the joyful moments that an artist experiences through portraying the reality on his canvas” – Says are today’s guest, Parag Borse. Parag is an artist whose paintings have been exhibited across the world. He is an award winning artists who studied at JJ School of applied arts. He lives in Karjat a small town between Mumbai and Pune. You can find more on https://www.paragborse.com