EP 165 . 04 Mar 20

Subtext in comics

With Appupen

In the episode

  • What does art mean to you? Especially comics as an art form?
  • Can you briefly share the kind of books you’ve written and the reasons for it?
  • You work which I have seen or could comprehend, want to strongly communicate a message. If I can say, your work has a lot of despair – if yes, why? I mean I am saying this as a layman, be it titles like Dystopian times, Halahala (which is poison), Aspyrus, Brainded, and so on… Also, the kind of color palate seems to be dark and grungy. Not just that, your characters like Rastraman, Propogandhi also have subtext to it. What’s going on here? How would you respond to that?
  • You don’t seem to like the idea of a superhero, or of gods or god-men either. Ironically you yourself are trying to create a superhero Ratrashman. What’s your response to that? Who is Rashtraman?
  • I would also like to know what is Brainded India?
  • Do comic as an art form gives you hope? How?

About Appupen

Appu is a noted graphic novelist and artist from Bangalore. He is the creator of graphic novels ‘The Snake and the Lotus’, ‘Moonward’, ‘Legends of Halahala’, ‘Aspyrus’, and the superhero satire series ‘Rashtraman’. His work is almost wordless narratives with sarcasm and irony. He is the founder/editor of Brainded India.