EP 166 . 11 Mar 20

Tenpoints Braille (Hindi)

With Rajdeepgiri Goswami

In the episode

  • What is Ten Points Braille?
  • How did it come about? What made you think about it? You also have other types of design projects like Baboo, RupeeRaj, Singlanguage A. Can you tell us about these briefly?
  • If one has to use this for typing the required text, why do we have you use on 10pt size font and line-height 30? How did you arrive at these numbers?
  • There is a beautiful video of how can one use it. But can you walk us through it orally as well?
  • Can you share your journey from the first cut of the font, experiments, and iterations till you now have arrived at it? How did you keep on validating?
  • Why Ten points braille? How do you think it will help the visually impaired and others? With just 34% Internet penetration in India, on one side we have invisible UI, speech to text, image recognition technology developing, What made you think of this idea?
  • In your research, what were the learnings, especially with visually impaired and hearing impaired people? How do they perceive fonts? Are they aware of serif and san-serif typefaces? What are your thoughts on bringing in revolution; can braille also have serif and san-serif?
  • What was the process of making it 13 scripts?
  • What next? How do you plan to make it accessible?
  • How can people collaborate with you to make it bigger?

About Rajdeepgiri Goswami

India is home to a third of the world’s blind population. The country has about 12 million individuals with visual impairment against the global total of 39 million according to a report published by the National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB). Despite this, when it comes to accessibility of education, healthcare, and employment, the visually impaired are cut-off. Only 29.16 percent of the blind in India are part of the education system as per a survey conducted by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The same survey points out that only 6.86 percent of schools have access to braille books and audio content.

Today I have Rajdeepgiri with us on Audiogyan. He is a Graphic Designer from Bangalore with over 11 years of experience. He has worked in various fields of design, like type design, branding, packaging, and advertising. Today we are here to discuss a case study with him called Ten points braille which is his passion project and he has been working on it for the past 5 years.