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Indian Gig Poster Archive

Episode170 . Wed, 08 Apr 2020

Featuring: Mohini Mukherjee

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Episode abstract

1. What is Indian Gig Poster Archive?
2. How did this idea come about? Why did you start it?
3. How do you source these posters? Where are you getting these from? How far do these collections go?
4. What makes these artist share their artwork?
5. What happens to these posters when the gig is over?
6. Can you share any worth noting incident / case study which revived the band because it was rediscovered through your project? Any story / anecdote
7. Do you follow any archiving practice of documenting based on year, genre, artist geography etc…?
8. Are there any other domains apart from Indie Music which you have discovered while logging these?
9. What do these posters tell you? Have you found any pattern of how the graphic scene has been evolving in the last few decades?
10. How has this side project helped you as a designer and as a music lover?
11. What is the long term future of Indian Gig Poster Archive? Till when do you plan to keep discovering and journaling them?
12. What is the feeling when you find a pile of old or new posters all at once?

You can follow her on Instagram @mohinimukherjee and the project @indiangigposterarchive. In my case, @nimkarkedar and @audiogyan on Twitter

About Mohini Mukherjee logo

Illustrator, Designer & Founded Indian Gig Poster Archive

Mohini is a self-taught designer and illustrator from Mumbai and now based in Bangalore. She runs Indian Gig Poster Archive – a repository of posters created to promote independent music in India. She has been an exclusive artist with Kultureshop. Her work is affectionately dismissive of pop culture and its common visual tropes and motifs.