Abstract paintings & photography

Episode171 . Wed, 15 Apr 2020

Featuring: Hari Katragadda

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Episode abstract

1. How do you define your work of painting? What style is it? Any early life influencers? Any other legends who have played with cyanotype and your style of abstract paintings?
2. We will start with a more relatable question and then we will go abstract further. In one of your interviews, you have mentioned “Art is an inner exploration as well as a way to address social concerns” – Can you start by telling us what do u mean by that? Any particular artwork series like “Effluence” which enabled you to address social concerns?
3. What according to you is important while creating an artwork. Be it taking a photo or painting on a canvas? Style, medium, content, context, artists journey? Why?
4. In your case, you are both a photographer and a painter. What’s your definition of patience?
5. From whatever your artworks which i have seen, you expression is abstract in nature. Do you find it difficult to express that in photography?



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Painter & Photographer

Hari is a Mumbai based photographer whose work explores communities, environment and personal memories. He uses long-term documentary approach (which is very new to me). he works with alternative photographic methods to incorporate found materials in images. He graduated with a Masters degree from the University of Texas at Austin and started his career as a photojournalist in New Delhi.