EP 171 . 15 Apr 20

Abstract paintings & photography

With Hari Katragadda

In the episode

  • How do you define your work of painting? What style is it? Any early life influencers? Any other legends who have played with cyanotype and your style of abstract paintings?
  • We will start with a more relatable question and then we will go abstract further. In one of your interviews, you have mentioned “Art is an inner exploration as well as a way to address social concerns” – Can you start by telling us what do u mean by that? Any particular artwork series like “Effluence” which enabled you to address social concerns?
  • What according to you is important while creating artwork. Be it taking a photo or painting on a canvas? Style, medium, content, context, artists journey? Why?
  • In your case, you are both a photographer and a painter. What’s your definition of patience?
  • From whatever your artworks which I have seen, your expression is abstract in nature. Do you find it difficult to express that in photography?

About Hari Katragadda

Hari is a Mumbai-based photographer whose work explores communities, environment and personal memories. He uses a long-term documentary approach (which is very new to me). he works with alternative photographic methods to incorporate found materials in images. He graduated with a Master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and started his career as a photojournalist in New Delhi.