EP 177 . 27 May 20

Making of March Tee

With Abhay Singh & Ashish Acharya

In the episode

  • What is the story behind March – The word? Why, when, and how did it happen? Why T-Shirt and not some other product? What is so Indian about it?
  • What was the thought behind keeping such a limited and sharp catalog? Is it venturing into a new domain of limited knowledge or testing with users or something to do with keeping focus?
  • What are your thoughts about standardization? With a limited catalog, you will venture into the unique model of standardization. While India is diverse and multi-color? How do you look at these 2 dimensions?
  • How do you decide to improve the product or bring in a new line of products? Is it user research and feedback or you individually spotting trends? What is the percentage of showing differences in the evolution of the product? Do people really care about attention to detail or brands like you bring that culture? What has been your practice in doing so? Any example?
  • We all designers are inspired by Steve Jobs at some point in time. He made sure even the chargers and USB ports are well designed. In your case, I see similar traits; Can you tell us the story which went behind your packaging and the pencil which says “Do good Work”?
  • To me and I am very sure for all the following you have, March Tee is not just a T-Shirt but a complete experience. From buying and getting a confirmation mail to getting the product delivered to wearing it and wearing it again after washing. If you have to summarise in 3 or 4 points, what would you say?
  • Where is this all heading?

About Abhay Singh & Ashish Acharya

When you’re not happy with something, fix it. Sounds familiar? Well, that’s the line which is written on their website. Today I have Ashish Acharya and Abhay Singh with us on Audiogyan. They are the 2 out of the 4 co-founders of March Tee. Yes, March Tee; which is now one of my favorites brands. In fact, all I have is March Tee in my wardrobe, and mind you this is not a promotion. March Tee produces truly simple and high-quality t-shirts for men and women. They are based in Pune and today we are here to talk to them in 2 parts; Part 1 – understanding the March Tee team’s design philosophy and part 2 – the building of the March Tee brand and making their wonderful products.