EP 180 . 17 Jun 20

Design as continuum

With Naveen Bagalkot

In the episode

  • You firmly believe that design is an ongoing process. What is your definition of design? How has it changed over the course? Any milestones which made you realize that design is an ongoing process?
  • What sort of process is “designing”? A linear? Cyclical? Forming a tree, either top-down or bottom-up approach?
  • When do you stop designing?
  • How do you set goals and milestones when you are considering it to be an ongoing process?
  • The economist and political writer Thomas Sowell once wrote, There are no solutions, only trade-offs. How do you define trade-off? What are a few parameters based on which you are willing to live with those few trade-offs in your solutions?
  • Is this idea of “designing” scalable in this consumeristic market or should I say commoditized world?
  • What are your thoughts about education in design? Is design a profession or is it a practice?
  • What are the few areas of research and development required in design in the Indian context? How can one go about exploring it?

About Naveen Bagalkot

In Hindu mythology, there was a demon called Raktabīja, who fought with Shumbha and Nishumbha against Goddess Parvati and Goddess Kali. Raktabīja had a boon that whenever a drop of his blood fell on the ground, a duplicate Raktabīja would be born at that spot. If this story has to be told in today’s context, I would loosely draw a parallel like this, every action of us humans have landed us in some new problems. This has been especially seen in the design world. iPhone makers have polluted china, Facebook has tampered with democracy, Twitter hates spreading structure, voice-enabled devices are spying on your living room conversations, and many more…

Having said that, these problems are still to an extent first-world problems. Design in India where it is actually required is doing more harm in unimaginable ways. To discuss this in detail and understand design as a continuum, today I have Dr. Naveen Bagalkot with us on Audiogyan.

For Naveen, the design is not a mere means to an end, but a means of inquiry and exploration of the nuances of human behavior and experience. Naveen holds a Ph.D. in Interaction Design from IT-University of Copenhagen, Denmark, an M.Des in Industrial Design from IIT-Bombay, and a B.Arch from Vishveshwarya Technological University, India. Currently, Naveen teaches at Shrishti School of Arts in Bangalore. His research is within the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience Design.