EP 185 . 22 Jul 20

Mixed Media & Textile design

With Isha Pimpalkhare

In the episode

  • Who is a mixed media creative? What qualifies as a mixed media output? What is the output of such types of designers? Any famous people who made it accessible/famous?
  • If one is following you on Instagram, (I am), what are you exploring with these flowers and different shapes with textures of various materials?
  • What is Devore technique of printing? Can you tell us more about it?
  • Where is the demand for your type of work in India? Where all can it be applied?
  • Personal question: What makes you cross these boundaries? Move from one medium to another to express?

About Isha Pimpalkhare

Today I have Isha Pimpalkhare with us on Audiogyan. Isha is a mixed media designer/artist, who situates her practice at the convergence of art and design, with a focus on creating emotive and engaging tactile environments. She did her Masters in Textiles from the Royal College of Art(RCA), London, and Bachelors in Textile Design at the National Institute of Design(NID), Ahmedabad.

For me, the Textile design is relatively new. I have come up with a few basic questions to gain some beginner level understanding of this domain and discuss a few of the interesting projects which Isha has been exploring.